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Site Cuts Geelong

A Site cut is an essential element to any new building project. When building a new home, or even a shed or carport, an excavation specialist is needed to prepare the land for laying the foundations. The longevity of the structure is largely dependent on the quality of the site cut, as the foundations are laid directly on top. The size and access to the site will dictate the machinery needed, but a quick call to Ryder Concreting will provide you with all the right advice.

Site cutting is a job for an experienced professional as the ground needs to have any obstructive material removed, be perfectly level and prepared for the foundations. Once the foundations are laid they are costly to remove, so itís important to get it right. Ryder Concreting offer detailed quotes for all site cut jobs and always use professionals with relevant experience to ensure the first stage of building a new structure goes without a hitch. If you have a site cut job which needs the professionals, contact us using the form below.