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Bobcat Hire in Geelong

The Bobcat is a versatile piece of equipment with interchangeable attachments suited to a range of tasks. Common attachments include:

Trenchers: Trenchers are suitable for digging straight, narrow trenches in a variety of situations.

Augers: An Auger is a drill bit which is used to dig post holes. It usually contains a helical screw blade which helps to remove the material as the hole is drilled.

Rotary Hoes: An attachment usually used to break up material, such as soil for cultivation.

Forks: The Bobcat fork attachment is generally used for lifting and moving large items such as hay bales or pallet stored goods.

Concrete and Rock Breakers: These are useful when needing to break tough material, such as concrete, in a controlled manner.

A Bobcat is classified as heavy machinery and is usually transported to site using a trailer. The attachments are also a considerable weight, so we like to discuss individual projects to make sure you have the correct attachments.

Whether removing an old concrete driveway in your home, or digging a trench to install utilities to a new build, Ryder Concreting has the right machinery for every task. Hiring a Bobcat is as simple as contacting the experts at Ryder Concreting using the form below and detailing your individual needs.